About Us / Who We Are

Since 1998 we have been providing reliable Internet Services to many Corporate, SMEs and Domestic users. Being a Rajasthan based service provider (category 'B') and also a company with over 100 Professionals, KISPL is uniquely positioned to provide Spam free, Least Latency Internet Services. Apart from this our round the clock help desk staffed with L1, L2, L3, L4 Level Engineers will make sure your network is up and running all the times.

We have invested in Dual Gateway Routers along with dual firewalls to ensure no single point of failure at our main Office. Which provides highest uptime in the industry. We have invested in over 600 kms of Fiber Optic Cable and established POP’s in all major area of the Kota, Bhilwara and Udaipur City.

These POP’s are manned 24 Hours a day and have at least 2 Routes to ensure Uninterrupted Connectivity. We take Bandwidth from multiple Upstream providers to ensure Low Latency and redundancy. We implement BGP4 Protocols to make sure the packets reach most of your destinations in under normal latency across India. We have also done Peering arrangements with other ISP’s across India through BGP. This will further ensure the Latency is reduced and improved Quality of service.

Our "Professional Services Group" has the capabilities to provide system integration, network support, security, application management, facility management services to many Enterprise Customers. All of our Internet Services Customer can also avail these services at a fraction of cost.

KISPL is the first ISO: 9001 accredited Rajasthan based ISP. We are rapidly expanding our presence across all Rajasthan through our franchisee partners.