Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How does Wireless Broadband work?

AIR4NET Wireless Broadband is using radio as media at frequency 2.4 Ghz or 5.8 Ghz. Radio transceiver will be installed at your office roof-top to receive radio signal from our nearest POP (Point of Present) and then you will be connected to the Internet backbone trough our main POP.

Can heavy rain affect the stability of wireless Internet connection?

No, Wireless connection will be interrupted if the signal strength indicator dropped below -85 dbm in -100 to 0 scale. Our standard signal strength on wireless installation is over -65 dbm, in heavy rain signal strength will be lower for approximately 10%, but will still be over -75 dbm, so your internet connection will not interrupted.

Is Radio wave dangerous to our health?

No, Radio wave is an electromagnetic wave flow in the air trough wall, glass and other material, it has lower power than cellular phone´s signal and high voltage electrical cable.
Network Interface Card(NIC) with 10/100 Mbps Ethernet port with RJ45 socket

How long is the installation time for Wireless Broadband, Fiber Optic and Ready Port?

After site survey, we need 3 working days for Wireless Broadband, 7 working days for Fiber Optic, and 3 working days for Ready Port.

Are there any differences in connection speed between Fiber Optic and Wireless Broaband?

Under the same condition, the answer is no.

What are the necessary steps we have to take in case the connection is down?

Please check your Servers and Routers, are they already on? Is your Ethernet cable plugged in correct position? Are your radio´s POE on? POE´s indicator led will light in green when it´s on. If they are in correct positions, you can try to restart the radio by unplug the POE adaptor, and wait for about 30 seconds before you plug it back. If the Internet connection is not restored, please call our AIR4NET Network Monitoring Center Team at +0744-2436000.

What should we do if the Internet connection feels slower than usual?

Please check your bandwidth utilization, your Internet speed will be effected if your bandwidth utilization is full.

How to see our bandwidth utilization?

You can start download from and multiply the speed of download by 8, you will find the correct speed available for you.

My bandwidth utilization is full but I feel that I´m not using that much connection. What should I do?

Check for other computers in your Local Area Network, are they doing any heavy Internet activities such as file downloading, video streaming, etc. In many cases, this could caused by computer viruses and trojans. Control your bandwidth usage and regulary scan your computers with the latest antivirus updates.

How to maximize our bandwidth utilization?

We provide Bandwidth Management Service which can manage your bandwidth usage to meet every user´s need. Contact our sales team for further information.

Where can I find information about my usage time ?

Information about your total usage time in the current month is available at Detailed usage information is printed on your request before recharge with nominal charges.

Why I’m Able to connect to the network but unable to browse to internet websites; or experiencing very slow browsing speed?

In "Control Panel" - "Network" - "Configuration", check if there are more than one TCP/IP components. If yes, remove the rest.

After changing my password, I’m unable to access the mailbox and get new messages ?

Your password has to be at least 8 characters in length, and must not contain any special characters. If you have changed your password to a new one that is less than 8 characters, you should call our Customer Service at +0744-2436000 for help.

Why I got disconnected quite often ?

Check your connection settings and if it still persist please do call on helpdesk.

Why I receive the same e-mail messages over and over?

In "Options" - "Mail and News Preferences"- "Servers", select Removed from the server in the "Messages are copied from the server to the local disk, then" section.

How do I attach a file to my e-mail message ?

While you are composing your new message, click the "Attachment" button, then select the file you would like to attach. To attach more than one file, repeat the step. If you can't found answer to your questions, don't hesitate to e-mail call our 24/7 Customer Support at +0744-2436000.