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Kappa Broadband Internet Service has re-defined the meaning of "Internet Experience" by offering limited and unlimited high-speed broadband internet connections to homes, businesses, and other centers in the city.

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Leased Bandwidth

Leased Lines are highly cost-effective, particularly if you tend to exchange large volumes of traffic between your company's sites or a valued business partner.

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LAN/ WAN Integration

With today's IT environment becoming more complex, it is crucial for organization to ensure of the right network infrastructure is designed to get the network ready to support business at peak efficiency.

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IP Surveillance

IP surveillance is a digitized and networked version of closed-circuit television (CCTV). In an IP surveillance system, an IP camera records video footage and the resulting content is distributed over an IP (Internet protocol) network.

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Value Added Services

Kappa Email Solutions, Web Hosting, Domain Registration, Bulk SMS services.

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Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony is the technology that moves your business phone system to the cloud. It is a voice and messaging service that replaces the need for the conventional business telephone system, say - PBX, EPBAX, etc.

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