Kappa Broadband Internet Service has re-defined the meaning of "Internet Experience" by offering limited and unlimited high-speed broadband internet connections to homes, businesses, and other centers in the city. Our revolutionary methods of service delivery and innovative packaging have set new market standards.

Through intensive research of new technologies and as a result of our combined efforts to bring in more convenience and satisfaction for our customers, today we are now able to offer high speed Broadband internet access over Ethernet network, wi-fi Solutions for housing complex and Point to Point Fiber connectivity.

We provide total solutions for integrated and customized communication services to enable the key business processes of its customers. KAPPA combines its network expertise - with its unmatched seamless network reach allover Rajasthan with local support provided by our franchisees. We deliver business-class Internet Services in Rajasthan, KAPPA internet network is comprised of advanced, high-performance equipment and structure. We offer a much simpler approach to cable networking. Our solution is extremely easy to use the product, requiring no configuration. We are focused entirely to provide our esteemed household and corporate sector with customized Broadband services.

High-speed surfing is now possible. Remaining connected 365x24x7 without going through the hassle of disconnections and logins is another powerful advantage. Broadband also frees up the telephone which was hitherto, engaged for the internet with reliability and high speeds at economical prices, we've changed the way India accesses the World Wide Web.


Connect to the world with business-grade, high-availability, high-speed Internet access with the symmetrical upload, and download speeds. This is a key benefit of the KAPPA's Air4net Fixed Wireless Ethernet network. The network uses a delicensed class and apparatus delicensed radio spectrum with the latest encryption and security features to provide the highest level of security and reliability that is commercially available. Our customer organizations are connected to the world by placing a KAPPA's Air4net radio transceiver on their building. This transceiver is connected to the Kappa's Air4net Wireless Ethernet network via a high-speed wireless connection beaming across the city. The transceiver connects to the customer's network via a standard CAT5 cable and is presented as Ethernet for connection to any computer, firewall, router, or another Ethernet device. Client users on that network simply plug in and enjoy fast symmetrical connectivity without the lag of contention associated with ADSL, or the cost of fiber. We provide various Data based / Bandwidth based and unlimited Broadband plans to suit the requirements of households and business users. For our Business users, we also provide static IP at nominal charges. Broadband plans are being periodically revised to the benefit of our customers keeping in pace with the competition in the ISP industry. Our Broadband plans are among the best & competitive to any ISP across India.

Advantages of Kappa's Air4Net Wireless Broadband

Secure - Encrypted data.

A poor network that sends signals over the airwaves can create the opportunity for a security risk in the form of data interception. However, our Kappa's Air4Net network has the following techniques to provide protection at the physical, network and application layers of the network. The result is a highly secure and robust system without wireless eaves-dropping or malicious user attacks.

Proprietary Wireless and Data Formats Kappa's Air4Net uses proprietary communications signaling and data-link protocols that make it almost impossible to intercept or spoof the wireless data streams.

Transmission Encryption Encryption is employed on every wireless link.

MAC Address Authentication The Kappa's Air4Net Base Stations maintain a user-configurable, password-controlled table of authorized Kappa's Air4Net subscriber unit MAC addresses. Subscriber units cannot talk to the network unless the Kappa's Air4Net Base Station Unit authenticates its MAC address and adds it to the network.

MAC Address Filtering The Kappa's Air4Net Subscriber Units are configured to filter the downlink traffic stream to prevent a Kappa's Air4Net Subscriber Unit from outputting traffic that is destined elsewhere. The filtering restrictions can be based upon Ethernet addresses, VLAN addresses, or IP addresses. Only the Kappa's Air4Net Network Operations Centre (NOC) can configure the filtering controls.

Reduce your spend. Fast. Secure. Flexible. Immediate. It all adds up to a better way to solve network connection issues, and a better business case compared to locking into a terrestrial connection that is either slower (ADSL), or a far higher, fixed investment (fibre optic). Consider the following when considering the business case:

Improve Staff Productivity Faster network connections means faster performance by staff too. Not to mention the fact that a more enjoyable Internet experience will boost employee morale and staff retention. It all adds up to better productivity and utilization of resources.

Balance Sheet Friendly It makes little sense to burden the balance sheet with a long-term fixed contract for a fiber optic cable connection. It constrains business opportunities in the future in terms of growth, expansion into new premises, opening new store locations, and more. A business needs to be nimble - and can't be penalized for making a move that makes sense in every other way.

Reduced Cost Outlay Kappa's Air4Net can often save business real money with a reduced monthly fee to connect to the Internet, or between business locations in a wide-area network configuration. Our consultants can assess your current costs and advise whether a Kappa's Air4Net implementation will save you in this direct manner. Call one of our consultants for a cost comparison between what you are doing now - and what you could be doing with a Kappa's Air4Net Fixed Wireless Ethernet network.

Peace of mind Is the primary network dead? Switch on your wireless. Fixed Wireless Ethernet connections are rarely blocked, and when there are potential exposures, then a second backup wireless link is connected to a different base station for seamless service continuity. In contrast, the cost to install a second fiber connection using different street ducting access in case of disruptive civic works or otherwise is typically prohibitive and often impossible. Kappa's Air4Net network can also help you resolve network issues fast once implemented.

The Air cannot be Cut The Kappa's Air4Net Fixed Wireless Ethernet network does not suffer from the same risk as other copper and fiber networks, such as civil construction damage to cabling in the street. And while the perfect situation for Fixed Wireless Ethernet networking is a clear line of sight. Other key parameters of the agreement that provide you with certainty include:

  • Specified Service Response Times
  • Mean Times to Repair
  • Network Availability
  • Specified Round Trip Time Standards

Fast Wireless Ethernet. Delivered at speed. We're sure your new Kappa's Air4Net Fixed Wireless Ethernet network will outperform your current ADSL connection when measured in the real world - by real user experience. Not only can the Kappa's Air4Net Fixed Wireless Ethernet connection be configured up to 10 Mbits/s, but the upload speed equals the download speed. This makes Kappa's Air4Net perfect for any application that requires large file transfers, streaming media, or large numbers of simultaneous users. Fixed Wireless Ethernet connections are rarely blocked too - and that effectively impacts speed of service. When there are potential exposures, a wireless link is simply connected to a different base station Many businesses are confused by the so-called 'speeds' that are quoted for typical ADSL and even cable networks. These 'speeds' are really just the bandwidth, or capacity of the service - only ever delivered in a perfect world. It's actually the combination of contention, latency and bandwidth that delivers the real 'speed' you will receive. Contention refers to the number of customers using the same service. Bandwidth is the capacity of the connection. Latency refers to the delay in the network, being the amount of time it takes to travel from the source to the destination and back again. Together, contention, bandwidth and latency define the real speed of a network, and thus the speed at which people can work.

Flexible Scalable up or down. Exactly what you need. It's poor practice to lock into excessive and fixed long-term connection plans, especially the many broadbands required for copper wire or fiber-optic connections. But It makes better business sense to establish connections as required, that can be scaled to suit business requirements, and can move easily should your business relocates. This is a variable cost structure to suit most balance sheets perfectly. Furthermore, the upgrade cost for wireless services from Kappa's Air4Net is typically much lower than legacy networks. Therefore, a business can start with appropriate capacity and add performance to it as requirements grow. Temporary locations, or businesses that relocate frequently, can simply redeploy the equipment with ease and low cost. In contrast, once fiber has been laid, it cannot be physically relocated as you require in the future

Immediate Have it running now. No waiting... Your offices, stores, or field locations can be up and connected quickly. In fact, in critical situations, we can sometimes deliver services in hours (pending your location). So if you have to solve a networking issue quickly and get connected fast - then Kappa's Air4Net's Fixed Wireless Ethernet network can help. Because connecting through the air with no cables in the ground is fast and easy - reducing the time it takes to get planned, connected, and operational. You see, Kappa's Air4Net has total control of the end-to-end provisioning process because we own and operate our own network. So unlike terrestrial suppliers, who are typically reliant on 3rd party access providers, we can get started - and finished - without waiting.