Brand USP

  • Become an ISP with Low-Investment requirements
  • Opportunity to become a part of well-established Broadband and Leased-Line ISP Network & Brand in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and Maharashtra.
  • Enjoy the most Competitive Tariffs in the ISP Industry.
  • Break-even on just 80-100 Active Broadband Subscribers.
  • Enjoy the Best Return on Investment & Incentives available today for an ISP Franchise in India.

Franchisee Criteria

  • Entrepreneurs from Computer/ CCTV/ DTH/ CATV segment will have an edge.
  • Should be a local resident, with wide business contacts.
  • Willingness to run a sustainable, long-term ISP business with royalty like returns.
  • Prior business experience is preferable.
  • Initial Investment as low as: Rs.2-3 Lakhs.

KAPPA Provides

  • The setting of ISP-Node shall be done by Kappa
  • Recurring Bandwidth charges shall be borne by Kappa
  • Kappa will install Wireless Base Stations at own cost
  • Marketing & Technical Training for broadband internet services will be provided to Franchisee staff
  • Kappa's Broadband Tariff shall be uniformly applicable to all Subscriber
Partner's Stories

After working in the hospital line for several years, I decided to diversify my business. I had always wanted to join the networking sector, so I started developing my skills for the same. Once I was confident to start my own business, I came across Kappa’s franchisee program and immediately understood that I won’t get a better deal anywhere. So, I decided to join the Kappa family.

It’s been 2 years since then and every day when I go out and see our devices on every roof, I feel so proud to be able to serve the city and its people, joining them to one of Rajasthan’s best ISP network!

- Bhupendra Gamot

Franchisee Partner, Dungarpur

I had been interested in electronics and networking since I was just 17 years old and so I started my own computer sales and repair business after completing my Graduation. I worked and gained experience in the networking field too and decided to start expand in that field. That's when I received an offer from Mr. Krishan Kant Agrawal, Founder of Kappa Internet Services Pvt. Ltd. to become their Franchisee Partner in Udaipur and I immediately accepted the offer!

With the help and support of the entire Kappa team I have been able to provide excellent internet services to the people of Udaipur!!

- Alpesh Jain

Franchisee Partner, Udaipur

When I returned to India after working in Kuwait for 9 years in the networking sector, I started my own computer sales and servicing business. I always heard people saying that one should have multiple income streams, so I decided to add another one for myself. I googled ‘Best ISP in Rajasthan’ and Kappa’s name was on top of the list. So I joined the team and started Kappa’s services in my city in the year 2013.

After receiving great support from the entire Kappa team and an amazing response from the people of Sagwara, I decided to take up the franchise for 4 other cities and I don’t regret that decision!

- Nilesh Patidar

Franchisee Partner, Sagwara

I had been working in Computer Sales & Services business for a long time and I really loved it. However, I also started looking to expand my skills and got into the networking sector as it would help my existing business as well. So, I decided to step into the ISP business as well and started looking for franchise opportunities.

This is when I received a call from Kappa’s team and got to know about their franchise policies. I looked into the proposal and loved it thus joined hands with Kappa. Since the last 5 years, I have connected hundreds of people in my city with Kappa’s network and the number is still growing!!

- Kiran Kumar Sahu

Franchisee Partner, Dhamtari

I had been providing connections in the city business for a long time for an ISP but the network and margins I receiving was not at all satisfactory. So, I started looking for another ISP to work with and I came across Kappa Internet Services. I went over their franchise policy and did a research about their network and I immediately got that this is the best franchisee scheme to become a part of and so I started Kappa’s franchise in Morena. It has been almost 2 years and I am more than happy with the results I have been getting, both from the business and my customers!!

- Vishnu Parmar

Franchisee Partner, Morena

After my graduation I started looking after my family's business i.e. Distributorship of Tata Sky DTH, which was started by my father in the year 2007 and it was going well as I had 500+ live DTH connections. Then I thought of expansion and wanted to start something new and related to my ongoing business. So I decided to step into the ISP business and get a franchise of an existing ISP so that I won't need huge investments.

I got a call from Kappa and they shared their franchise proposal with me, I found it interesting as they promised me good returns on my investment and a long term business. I started working with Kappa Internet Services as their franchise partner for Gharsana (Rajasthan) and it has been more than a year now. Things have been great, they've supported us throughout.

- Ankush Dhawan

Franchisee Partner, Gharsana

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